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Maintenance charges

Maintenance charges

The sales price is based on the type of apartment, the amount of weeks booked and the time of the week/weeks. Please ask for the price list, brochure and a personalised offer without any commitments!The buyer will pay a transfer tax of 1.6%, within two months of signing the agreement.The owner of the timeshare will pay the maintenance charges according to the type of apartment for each of the agreed weeks.

The advantages and costs of the maintenance charges:

Activities and service benefits:

  • free use of the gyms
  • single tickets to the swimming pool (12/18/24/30 per week) according to the type of apartment
  • free use of the athletics track & field area at the Kuortane hall(with restrictions, whenever there are coaching sessions booked)
  • use of meeting room facilities up to 2 hours

Accommodation and maintenance:

  • reception services
  • weekly cleaning services
  • textile maintenance services
  • heating expenses
  • water and drainage expenses
  • electricity
  • waste management / refuse collection and disposal
  • upkeep of the outdoor areas
  • the maintenance and service expenses of the property, all devices and furniture
  • the maintenance and service expenses of the water, heating and air conditioning systems
  • other maintenance expenses
  • rent expenses of the land
  • insurance and real estate tax
  • the administration and governance of the real estate company






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